Unified situation center of the digital government office ensures the preparation of procedures and the adoption of high-quality management decisions of the digital government office, the Presidential Administration. Provides information support for the analysis of problematic situations, monitors the current situation. It also provides information support for planning, holding events, analyzing incidents that have occurred in public administration, socio-economic and other areas of activity.

Tasks of the USC DGO:

  • analysis of the information required for information and analytical systems, which will be used in the preparation and adoption of management decisions;
  • ensuring the adoption of effective management decisions to eliminate and prevent the consequences of incidents in public administration, socio-economic and other areas of activity;
  • preparation of information, information-reference, information analytical materials for activities at the Situation Centre;
  • ensuring the implementation of measures to monitor the current situation, the planned consideration of problems, including through videoconferencing;
  • modeling the consequences of managerial decisions based on the use of information and analytical systems;
  • development of proposals on strategic goals and mechanisms for the implementation of priority tasks of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • integration of various information systems and information resources;
  • accumulation and systematization of experience in managing priority tasks;
  • provision of current information and information and reference services for users of the Situation Center;
  • ensuring the necessary level of protection of information processed in the Situation Center;
  • ensuring the functioning of a mobile virtual workplace.

USC DGO projects:

Для бронирования мероприятий в залах «Singapore» или «Stanford» отсканируйте


Для подачи заявки на проведение мероприятия в Едином ситуационном центре офиса цифрового правительства (зал Almaty) необходимо направить заявку по шаблону:

Организация (департамент);
Контакты организатора;
Время/дата бронирования;
Тема совещания;
Участники совещания.

Инфо можно направить на ЭП: Almatyhall.sitcentre@gmail.com
Telegram канал: https://t.me/+xs6E2LL1kqowODIy
Telegram для ЛС: @timado

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